Listeria in the News

If you attended  our first Seminar Series, Gender Jeopardy you may remember this 1000 point question: 

This bacteria affects older people, pregnant women (especially Hispanic women) and immunocompromised people after drinking unpasteurized milk or eating lunchmeat that is too old; can cause preterm labor, bacteremia, fetal loss, meningitis and death.
Answer: Invasive Listeria Monocytogenes

In 2011, an outbreak of Listeria became the worst food borne illness on record (Since they began recording in the 1970's) Over one hundred people were infected and 33 died. In recent news, owners of the farm where the outbreak originated were arrested. It was found that contaminated cantaloupes were the cause of this outbreak. 

To Read the full article in the NY Times, Click Here.


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