How Organic Is Your Wine?

Organic beverage sales make up a significant portion of organic foods sales, with wine being a contributor. For those who prefer to shop organic, organic wine may be the logical choice, but did you know there are different levels of 'organicness' in wines?

100% Organic wine is made with organic grapes. In addition there is a strict limit on the additives that go into the wine. Non-agricultural ingredients cannot account for more that 5% of the total product.

Wine made from Organic grapes must contain grapes that are 100% certified organic. While there are also specific rules on additives, they are not required to be organic.

So how do you tell the difference? Wine that is 100% organic will have the the USDA organic label on them while those made only with organic grapes will not. To learn more about the specifics of what goes into each type of organic wine and decide which is best for you, visit the USDA page: Organic Wine: Oversight, Labeling and Trade for further information. Remember, organic or not... ALWAYS in moderation!

More Resources:
USDA, Organic 101: Organic Wine

~ Enjoy your weekend! And maybe try some organic wine! ~

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